Saturday, December 5, 2009

:+: Telu :+:

Three names that friends call you :

1. Shikyn --> all my friends ;)

2. Nur ---> my beloved family!

3. Ckin ---> besties!

Three most important dates in your life :

1. 0809

2. 0110

3. 1501

Three things you've done in the last 30 minutes :

1. Text Michaelangelo

2. Watching spongebob back to back hehe...

3. reading blogs

Three people you miss from your past :

1. The only person who understands me 101% - cik Tedie weng weng weng =)

2. my mom,dad n sis! they're coming down to surabaya this month, yippie yeay!!!

3. my best friends in malaysia. especially zana who is getting married this month. huhu.

Three gifts you would like to receive :

1. I want a big great hug with a lil squeeze.

2. a pendrive? haha..just lost mine last week! nak pendrive baru!!!

3. a new pencil-case (a.s.a.p)

Three of your favorite hobbies:

1. sms-ing. a single sms can light up my whole day. =)

2. Blogging. Obviously, it's another way to express how i feeeeeel~ weeee!!

3. Lepaking with Michaelangelo, but he's a busy man la now. ho-ho-ho. =(

Three places yoy want to go for vacation :

1. Hawaii!!! I wanna wear those hulla skirt with coconut bra and do the hulla dance on the beach!

2. Bali!! I wanna go to Bali before I graduate'.

3. Urm...I wanna go to Thailand again. To see where my ancestors hail' from and to flash back memories! i can't believe i live there for years and have no memories at all. keh3...

Three favorite drinks :

1. Ice lemon tea! super yummy and the best drink to quench my thirst!

2. chocolate milk shake!

3. fresh orange! the best juice ever. unfortunately there is no fresh orange in Indonesia. BUMMER!!!

Three things found in your bag :

1. my Nokia X-presMusic phone.

2. My bundle-of-wateva-keys

3. My black-purse

Three favorite colors:

1. red

2. pink

3. slimy green ---> recently

Top three u love so much

1. my family! my beautiful,super 'gorjes' mom, and my super hawt javanese dad, my tall sis and my super beautiful younger sis diyana.

2. my love. you know who you are. No matter how far or near, you'll always pull me through. I know I'll always cherish you

3. my back-bones. my beloved besties and supremes friends at sby and msia and everywhere!

Top three "things" special to you :

1. my touch-screen hand-phone, everybody is just a touch away! it's supreme!

2. my old laptop, haha..priceless!

3. my self-confident, i don't know if it's count as 'things' ke tak..tapi tibai je lah.haha

Top three people you hate most :

1. PLAYBOYS!!!! haha..please stay the fcuk away from me ok? that means you. Teruslah mem-playboy kan diri anda. But I want the-hell-out-of your-pathetic-life-forever.

2. liars @ pretenders @ five faces bitch.

3. Super laser people yang cakap tak de traffic light langsung. ahaha.

Thanks Pika for this tag, larve yah hun! Lame tak wat tag actually. hehe..peace2!!!


iecka said...

hehehehe! uuuuuu..hawaii & coconut shells bra?HAWTnyee k.ckyn! hehehehe

:+:+:+:arina aliaa:+:+:+: said...

shikin, u tak nak blackbery ke??? how could u ask for a pencil case!!!??!?!? ^%$%#$%@

haha. u ni, u ni..hehehe

:+:+: Ashikyn :+:+: said...

pika---> jom join! wat hulla' dance together!

to arina ---> hahaha..pencil case lg emergency kot now..hhahhaha