Monday, December 21, 2009

:+: Ice cream tu sedap taw :+:

I love ice cream! Ice cream is like the best dessert ever! The most bombastic thing ever created in the history of desserts. The best! haha... Haha... I am... addicted to ice cream lately. Any kind of ice cream.

Jalan-jalan kat karmen je, bile lalu depan Indomaret (mini market) mesti menjeling ... hrm... nak beli es' krim pe ek? Cornello ke... Rainbow ke...Spongebob je...if dilema, susah sangat,beli semua jenis je la! kan senang!

Yea! Saya tau makan es' krim tu buat orang gemmok, tapi es' krim memang irresistible, yums..!

Seriously I wish I could have all d flavors in the world!

A genius created sundae a long time ago, I think I'm forever grateful to him*

Bila pikir-pikir tentang ice cream, selalu tringin nak buat toasted bread with ice cream!!! Tapi my house tak de toaster!!! oh no!! kene tunggu balik malaysia nanti baru ley buat.. huhu.

To learn list : Belajar buat ice cream cup cakes!

Last week time lepak kat rumah anak-anak mojokidul 5. Tibe-tibe kecur nak makan ice cream dan tibe2 je hipersalivasi + fase sefalik yang mendadak. Saya pun cakap la ngan jantung manis saya, "Eh.... Nak ice creamla!!"

Dia pandang saya dengan terkejut "Haa? nak ice cream~~~??" Saya pun cakap "Aah, tibe2 jerase cam nak makan ice cream,"

Then makhluk 1 , salah sorank budak rumah tu gelak2 "Weyh! dia nak ice cream!" Pastu makhluk 2 + makhluk 3 + makhluk 4 gelak kuat2 dan buat muke keji deorang. Pastu satu rumah gelak macam nak roboh bumbung rumah tu sucking kuat nye budak2 ni gelak.

Saya salah cakap ke? Uh... lelaki...


Make chocolate truffles for my jantung manis n family!!
My family will be coming to Surabaya this Thursday.
I'm so excited!!!
Rase cam nak melompat2 katak je sekarang.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

20 facts I just realized

Facts I just realized..

1. I don't know why I woke up at 3.30a.m everyday.
2. Pretend to like someone is better than to hate 'em.
3. I love food so much.
4. I hate him so much because I love him so much.
5. I hate to see him going to the gym, because he's getting hotter and i'm getting fatter.
6. I really should be studying now. haha
7. Anonymous people who commented my blog, annoys me.
8. I hate afro girl because I kept losing to her.
9. I'm materialistic.
10. I envy my mom because she is so beautiful.

11. AKI and I look alike.
12. I jealous tengok AKI makin kurus sebab odontek, rase cam nak odontek gak je.
13. I lurve ice cream!

14. I just belanje arina semalam!!
15. EZY is the nicest person i ever met. I don't understand why people always get the wrong impression kat dia. Just because she tak pakai tudung, that doesn't make her a SLUT.
16. NAD was the one yang buat I obsess ngan shawls. luv it!
17. ARINA is my idola. Always is, always will.
18. I learned a lot about LOVE from

19. AIN, ALYN and SAFFY buat I addicted to reading blogs.
20. Seriously, i should be studying, my ujian profesi prostodonsia is next week.hehe


100 little bolded red colour truths

:+: Tag from miss alyn bubble powerpuff girls :+:

1. I woke up in the afternoon today.
2. I have at least three picture frames in my room.
3. My trash can is full.
4. I love snow globes, but I’d never buy one.
5. I use my regular phone more than my cell phone.
6. I’m single, but I don’t want to be.
7. My hair is layered.
8. I hate the term “best friend,” but I use it anyway.
9. I get along with my mom more than my dad.
10. I like making beaded bracelets.
11. I’ve never run for class president/treasurer, etc.
12. Most of my friends are white.
13. I have over 150 CDs in my collection.
14. I would rather listen to the radio than CDs.
15. I own whiteout, but I barely ever use it.
16. I’m very shy until you get to know me.
17. Some take my shyness as being mean/rude.
18. Most people probably don’t understand me.
19. I have a very random sense of humor.20.
I do not consider myself attractive.
21. I feel that I’m more mature than most people my age.
22. …But not all the time.
23. I used to pick my nose and wipe it on the wall.(mase kecik)
24. I’d rather be cold than hot.
25. I always wait for that one person to sign on.
26. I’m probably online too much for my own good
.27. I am trying to lose weight and it’s not working out very well.
28. I own a LOT of chapstick. A LOT.
29. I love to buy paper… but I barely use it
.30. I write in my paper journal once a day or more.
31. I am an American, yet I find them annoying.32. I’ve used binoculars the wrong way before.
33. I’m thirsty, but I can’t be bothered to go get something.
34. My best friend is that of the opposite sex.
35. My stomach hurts a little bit right now.
36. Sometimes I feel really, really sorry for myself.
37. Other times I feel really, really lucky.
38. I have a friend (or more) who creeps me out.
39. I have more than one shelf up in my room.
40. It’s sunny out today.
41. I don’t have a car.
42. I’m very picky with food.
43. I have a hard time with directions.
44. I am a little bit obsessive compulsive, I think.
45. I talk to myself in the mirror sometimes.
46. I don’t have that many DVDs yet.
48. I feel very sick if a movie is gory.
49. I have a lot in common with my best friend(s).
50. I believe in the theory that opposites attract.
51. I like someone who is at least four years older than me.
52. I’ve started a fire/explosion in the microwave oven before
53. I’m worried that one of my pets will die soon.
54. I have cut myself before and sometimes still want to.
55. Never been THAT drunk, but it might be kinda fun.
56. Sometimes I act drunk even when I’m not.
57. It annoys me when people chew loudly.
58. And breathe loudly.
59. And click their pens like crazy.
60. I enjoy bold surveys, mostly ‘cause I have no life.
61. I’d rather have a popsicle than popcorn.
62. I’d rather do laundry than the dishes.
63. Someday, I will go to England.
64. I’d rather be in a dark room than a bright one.
65. My alarm clock annoys me very, very much.
66. When I was younger, I went to summer school for fun.
67. I was made fun of in middle school. That has scarred me.
68. I’ve never eaten sushi and never will.
69. I remember where I was when I first learned to whistle.
70. If Barney is on TV, I will still sit there and watch.
71. MySpace is annoying, but I’m pretty much addicted to it.
72. I hAtE iT wHeN pPl TyPe LyK dIs!!!11
73. When I talk to my crush, I basically stop breathing.
74. People have told me that I’m sexy before.
75. I never believe it when they do.
76. I love to write, but whenever I start something new I can’t finish it.
77. I love to read, but I can’t do it for a long time
.78. If I lay down and watch TV, I end up falling asleep.
79. I absolutely LOVE riding my bike.
80. I love to play badminton, but I don’t play often.
81. I have never been on a sports team before.
82. I’m in at least one advanced placement class.83.
I’m in the class of 2009.
84. Jacuzzis and hot tubs are very relaxing.
85. I have stood up and done something else during this survey.
86. I space out a lot, but that’s ‘cause I think too much.
87. I’ve made a shelf in a store collapse before.
88. I’m a crybaby, and I know it.
89. I wouldn’t mind having a ferret for a pet.
90. I love to watch home videos.
91. I miss my childhood and wish I could go back.
92. I’d rather brush my teeth normal than use an electric toothbrush.
93. Dippin’ Dots are good, but not worth the money.
94. I feel like I’m more confident than I used to be.
95. My friends come to me for advice often.
96. I’ve had over five significant others in my lifetime.
97. I have cheated on one or more of them before.
98. Last year’s math class was completely useless.
99. I hate the fact that I’m growing up. I don’t want to.
100. I miss a lot of my old friends, but not all of them.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

:+: Jom kite cite2 :+:

Jom kite cite hantu?
Disebabkan cerita2 tersebut dari KISAH BENAR students Msia UNAIR, jadi saya terpaksa merahsiakan identitas semua yang berkaitan.

Actress : Bella, Megan Fox

Places : Surabaya, Malaysia


It was a tiring day, Megan Fox tengah tidur kat bilik dia. Katil Megan Fox ni queen size. She gotta big bedroom all for herself. Megan pusing kan her body, nak peluk bantal on her rigt side, tapi tak boleh gerak, ada something beside her. Die pun dengan grumpy nye tolak la what she thought was her bantal ke tepi. Tapi berat nye bantal ni? Dengan mamainye Megan buka mata, and ah!! rupe2nye bukan bantal sebelah her, tapi hantu lelaki yang tak pakai baju, dengan kulit hitam dan berdarah-darah, tengah bareng terlentang staring at the ceiling. Megan pusing balik to her side and menggigil2 pakse tido.

Then morning came, and Megan hopes everything will be okay. It was noon, Megan Fox baru je keluar from her room, tibe2 ada bunyi orang ketuk tingkap bilik dia...Knock...knock...knock... She stopped. Megan sepet kan mata die... dalam hati dia bertanya2... sapakah?? knock...knock...knock.... "Assalamualaikum....," Megan datang dekat tingkap dia, dia baru je nak buka tingkap bilik dia... she stops!! Tak mungkin tu manusia kot, because HER ROOM IS ON THE SECOND FLOOR! "aik? hantu pun nak masuk bagi salam dulu kah?"

"Smekom...kita datang nak beraya...!!"

The next day, it was noon also. She was watching TV alone. She was home alone. Then she heard someone call her name...Suara perempuan yang sangat lembut. "Megan....Megan....," Megan kecikkan volume Tv dia. "Megan....Megan....," suara tu makin mendayu-dayu. Megan dengan berani nye ikut suara tu. She went to a room in her house, "Megan.....hehehe....." suare tu macam bergerak... pergi hall room plak. Megan kejar suare tu, she said she was curious, but I think she was just being stupid haha. (Sorry Megan). Then suare tu bergerak2 in her living pastu hilang ke dapur. Megan dah penat kejar suare tu, dia pun duduk depan TV balik, kuatkan volume tv and buat tak dengar je, "Megan....Megan....hehehehehhehe....."(suare tu terus panggil2 dia dari dapur).


Bella is a Final year student. Dulu time Bella 2nd year student kat Surabaya. Her best friends pindah kat 1 rumah sewa. Kadang-kadang kalau masuk rumah tu, Bella akan rasa macam ada something wrong somewhere. Macam merinding semacam, but she ignores all her feelings. One day, her besfriends ajak Bella tidur
kat rumah sewa tu. Masa tu pukul 6 petang(time maghrib kat Surabaya), Bella masuk bathroom nak mandi malam. Bella pun undress, buka pili air, dia rasa angin kat belakang dia. Bella tengok la kat tingkap bilik air tu. Bilik air tu ada satu tingkap empat segi kecik je, agak tinggi sket so orang tak boleh ngintip. Tapi tingkap tu kat depan dia. Bella rasa angin kat belakang dia. Bella pun buat tak faham je. Air yang keluar pili tu kecik sangat, sangat lame nak penuh kan 1 baldi. Tibe-tibe semua buku roma Bella dah tegak berdiri. Dia belakang, tempat dia rasa angin tu and nampak lembaga hitam yang sangat besar dan tinggi sampai siling staring at her. Bella terus amek towel dia and lari keluar. Dia tak jerit. Just terkejut. Bella pikir "Tu lah akibat nye mandi time maghrib, padan muke sendiri!"

"Cik Bella, Nape mandi lambat sangat nyi??"

Malam tu takda apa2 terjadi. Pagi tu, Bella mandi pagi pukul 10 pagi, bilik air ni is on the ground floor, kat atas dia ada tempat sidai baju, and kat siling toilet ni ada lubang kecik yang hubungkan toilet ngan tempat sidai baju kat atas. Bella tengah mandi tibe2 dia dengar bunyi pintu ampaian kat atas SLAM! Bella terkejut, dia pikir "Bongok la budak2 ni, tak tutup pintu ampaian," Then dia dengar suare budak-budak ketawa kat atas, Bella pandang atas....dia nampak banyak bayang2 budak berlari2 kat atas ketawa2. "Tak mungkin...."

Few months later, Bella beranikan diri datang to her friend's house lagi, lepak kat situ jap and bile dia nak gi toilet, dia akan buat alasan tuk balik rumah. Time tu pukul 5 petang, her friend Jennifer yang duduk rumah tu pun bye2 die dari rumah. Bella dah keluar pagar, dia pun kunci pagar dar luar, untuk ba-bye Jennifer... bila dia angkat kepala je... Ahhh!!! Jennifer!!! Bella nampak lembaga yang sangat besar belakang Jennifer, dalam rumah tu. Sangat tinggi sampai kepala lembaga tu kene siling. Bella nak bagitau Jennifer ada something behind her, tapi Bella tau kenapa tah cuma dia je yang boleh nampak lembaga tu dan lembaga tu tak kan keluar rumah tu dan tak akan kacau Jennifer. So Bella balik je.hahaha... Sekarang Jennifer dah pindah dari rumah tu.

Ha-ha...I love telling ghosts stories . Hhhrm... If ever you are in those situations, what would you do?


Friday, December 11, 2009

:+: Let's croz Our fingers and smile :+:


Sometimes simple things can make you feel so happy.

Sometimes life is just playing mean to you, to show you that you deserve a lot better.

Sometimes it's okay to let him love you more than you love him.

Sometimes it's okay to be hurt yesterday because life is an ebb to flow from darkness and back again.

Sometimes it's okay to never forget all those things that broke you, because they are your learning lessons in life.

Sometimes it's okay to leave him alone for a day or two, guys need space more than girls.

Sometimes we just got to tell them we need attentions, rather than giving them the silent treatment, guys just don't get it!

Sometimes girls in cliques could be so heartless and do mean things to you, it's okay to stand tall even if you are alone.


Saturday, December 5, 2009

:+: Telu :+:

Three names that friends call you :

1. Shikyn --> all my friends ;)

2. Nur ---> my beloved family!

3. Ckin ---> besties!

Three most important dates in your life :

1. 0809

2. 0110

3. 1501

Three things you've done in the last 30 minutes :

1. Text Michaelangelo

2. Watching spongebob back to back hehe...

3. reading blogs

Three people you miss from your past :

1. The only person who understands me 101% - cik Tedie weng weng weng =)

2. my mom,dad n sis! they're coming down to surabaya this month, yippie yeay!!!

3. my best friends in malaysia. especially zana who is getting married this month. huhu.

Three gifts you would like to receive :

1. I want a big great hug with a lil squeeze.

2. a pendrive? haha..just lost mine last week! nak pendrive baru!!!

3. a new pencil-case (a.s.a.p)

Three of your favorite hobbies:

1. sms-ing. a single sms can light up my whole day. =)

2. Blogging. Obviously, it's another way to express how i feeeeeel~ weeee!!

3. Lepaking with Michaelangelo, but he's a busy man la now. ho-ho-ho. =(

Three places yoy want to go for vacation :

1. Hawaii!!! I wanna wear those hulla skirt with coconut bra and do the hulla dance on the beach!

2. Bali!! I wanna go to Bali before I graduate'.

3. Urm...I wanna go to Thailand again. To see where my ancestors hail' from and to flash back memories! i can't believe i live there for years and have no memories at all. keh3...

Three favorite drinks :

1. Ice lemon tea! super yummy and the best drink to quench my thirst!

2. chocolate milk shake!

3. fresh orange! the best juice ever. unfortunately there is no fresh orange in Indonesia. BUMMER!!!

Three things found in your bag :

1. my Nokia X-presMusic phone.

2. My bundle-of-wateva-keys

3. My black-purse

Three favorite colors:

1. red

2. pink

3. slimy green ---> recently

Top three u love so much

1. my family! my beautiful,super 'gorjes' mom, and my super hawt javanese dad, my tall sis and my super beautiful younger sis diyana.

2. my love. you know who you are. No matter how far or near, you'll always pull me through. I know I'll always cherish you

3. my back-bones. my beloved besties and supremes friends at sby and msia and everywhere!

Top three "things" special to you :

1. my touch-screen hand-phone, everybody is just a touch away! it's supreme!

2. my old laptop, haha..priceless!

3. my self-confident, i don't know if it's count as 'things' ke tak..tapi tibai je lah.haha

Top three people you hate most :

1. PLAYBOYS!!!! haha..please stay the fcuk away from me ok? that means you. Teruslah mem-playboy kan diri anda. But I want the-hell-out-of your-pathetic-life-forever.

2. liars @ pretenders @ five faces bitch.

3. Super laser people yang cakap tak de traffic light langsung. ahaha.

Thanks Pika for this tag, larve yah hun! Lame tak wat tag actually. hehe..peace2!!!