Thursday, October 21, 2010

:+:+: Don't be afraid to move on :+:+:

Do not be sad if a person prefers another person over you . It's hard to convince a monkey that a strawberry is sweeter than a banana.

I’m thankful to the guys who broke my heart, without it being broken the right guy may have never put it back together.

If he's stupid enough to walk away, be smart enough to let him go.

When you think he's your prince charming, but you're not his cinderella, move on.

Starting all over again isn't bad. For when you restart, you'd get another chance to make things right.

Thanks to all the people on twitter for the wonderful quotes.
They're wonderful.

One of the reason I'm on twitter is the amazing and inspiring quotes from all the twitters. Most of them are brilliant writers and amazing people.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Children's imaginations

Do you know that when I was a kid....I thought that....

1) We could clean our cats in the washer machine - As cats lover family, there's always cats hanging around the house. Inside out! I always thought that we could wash our cats in the washer machine and spin them and they'll come out PUFFF like cotton candies!

2) If we eat fruit seeds, they'll grow in our tummy at night - My dad told me to take out the watermelon seeds before I eat the fruit, he told me it's dangerous because watermelon "trees" will outgrow my little tummy. One day, I ate a seed and I didn't sleep the whole night. I was too scare to sleep.

Dad was right. Something will grow inside me, but I'm sure it's not from the 'watermelon's seed'.

3)If I wish upon a star, someday they'll come true... Disney princess did it in 'all' their movies and they always get their happy endings until one day my dad 'hempuk' me from behind."Woi! Dose besar lah!". (May all our sins were forgiven...huhu)

4)Women have TWO extra bones on top and men have ONE extra bone below. Boy, was I surprised when I learned Human Anatomy!

I'm all grown up now. To my parents , thanks for the life lessons!

xoxo NurAshikyn - just a clutz, writing about her life.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Do you know that...Behind every...

Behind a girl's smile, there's always the man she loves.

Behind a beautiful scene there's always romance

Nad pinjam gambar =)

Behind a gedik semi lucha girl, there's always her best friend.

Behind a friendship, there's always a light that shines through.

Behind a gossip, there's always an ear.
No Anis we're not talking about you. Tengah gossip pasal guys!

Behind a silly scene...there's Arina

Behind a wonderful birthday, there's always kind friends

Behind every blurred act, there's always a friend to guide you

Behind a toothache, there's always a dentist!
Take care of those teeth key peeps!

P/S : I borrow all the pictures from facebook =)

Kopi boleh mengecilkan payudara wanita nye minum coffee

LONDON: Pengambilan 3 cawan kopi sehari dikatakan mampu mengecutkan buah dada wanita kerana kafein yang terlalu banyak boleh menjejaskan hormon dalam badan dan menggugat saiznya.

Kajian terbaru yang dijalankan sekumpulan penyelidik menunjukkan lebih banyak kopi yang diminum, lebih kecil saiz buah dada mereka. Hampir 300 wanita yang mengambil bahagian dalam kajian itu dan mereka ditanya purata jumlah pengambilan kopi sehari dan saiz payu dara mereka diukur.

Keputusan kajian itu yang disiarkan Jurnal Kanser Britain mendapati bahawa dengan hanya meminum sekurang-kurangnya 3 cawan kopi atau lebih sehari sudah cukup untuk mengecilkan saiz buah dada mereka.

Kesannya meningkat bagi setiap cawan kopi yang diminum.

Oh no! betulkah??!

Wanita yang minum lebih tiga cawan kopi sehari mempunyai purata 17 peratus saiz buah dada lebih kecil berbanding mereka yang minum kurang tiga cawan sehari.
Wanita yang mempunyai saiz buah dada lebih besar paling berisiko tinggi, kata saintis berkenaan.Bagaimanapun, kajian itu tidak dapat merumuskan sama ada meminum jumlah kafein yang banyak setiap hari juga boleh menjejaskan kepadatan buah dada.

source of article : ajaibbenar

p/s: I can't drink coffee. Harini minum, besok mesti demam. Caffeine's not so friendly with cik tummy. Jadi kesimpulannya, pandai2 la kontrol dosage caffeine kita amek setiap hari =)

Monday, October 11, 2010

Somebody To Love

A year and still going strong.
Stronger than yesterday.

Yes, I'm a bad girl friend.
I don't remember anniversaries or any other important dates.
But I always appreciate people who did =)

Yes, I'm with him.
We're together.
Rase lawak pulak bile junior 2010 dok ejek2 kitarunk.
"kak shikin ngan abg tu ek~~ heeeyhh...fewwitt...,"
"heh heh... kak shikin nak teman abg aki ek~~ ek~~"
Chomel la korunk.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Seriously this is better than any dream.
Wouldn't you just scream if this comes in a box with your name on it?

Gotta have!

Gladiator sandals...gorgeous!

Seriously rambang mate ok!

I'm always obsess with heels.
Heels helps muscle built up in calves.
That's good kan?

p/s : Thanks cik michaelangelo for the superb gorgeous G.Heels!!
Still rase nak macam nak scream lagi.
Just what I need =)