Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Smells are instant drugs

Everyone sniffs their boyfriends, right? Right?! No? Oh.
(He smells lovely by the by. Most of the time)

- Ellerbisms.com

I don't like someone who wears too much cologne,
Because the best smell doesn't come in a bottle,
(well, you know what I mean)


I'm just a sucker for these babies...
It's not just a clever marketing scheme.
Because I was a sucker long before I saw the advertisement.
My boyfriend says it contains Pheromones.
I have no idea. I don't think so.
It just has a pleasing smell.

I am 101% sure it works.

Alright, smell ya later peeps!

:+:+: Opposite attract :+:+:

It's a long holiday, so I decide to start drawing...

(Aki freaked out because his tea was too hot)

You're hot,
I'm cold,
You're black,
I'm white,
When you freak out,
I laugh my arse out..!

Yes... you're black and I'm white,
Together we make the greatest
most awesome...

One in a million - Hannah Montana
(kenapa saya guna lagu kanak2 ni? sebab.... pemilik belog ni memang budak2)

How did I get here? I turned around and there you were
I didn't think twice or rationalize
'Cause somehow I knew

That there was more that just chemistry
I mean I knew you were kind of into me
But I figured it's too good to be true

I said, "Pinch me, where's the catch this time?"
Can't find a single cloud in the sky
Help me before I get used to this guy


All this time I was looking for love
Try to make things work that weren't good enough
Till I thought I'm through, said, "I'm done"
And stumbled into the arms of the one..

Lovin' it

Let's face the facts

I'm curvy and that's great!

I am beautiful,
And so are you..

P/s : Been fighting over my weight problem for awhile. This is my self-battle.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

:+:+: Unbreakable Friendship :+:+:

I think I'm gonna miss them so much,
For the past few months,
Waking up and not getting a chance to 'berebut' toilet with Aliya was awkward,
Sleeping at night not wishing Arina goodnight, gave me nothing but emptiness,
Going to the kitchen not hearing Anis kacau Milo macam nak pecah cawan, make me realize walaupun it was irritating but that what makes me miss her the most,

(Aik..kenapa shikyn sorank je blonde? Sukahati lah, kate tuan punye belog)

Come to think about it...
Living for 5 years with the same people without having a single fight,
Is a miracle
Not a SINGLE fight.
Everybody have different backgrounds,
the key is to respect every individual,
And don't expect them to be like you,
Never envy someone's ability,
Learn from it and you'll gain more,

Hannah Montana : True Friends

We sign our cards and letters BFF
You've got a million ways to make me laugh
You're lookin' out for me, you've got my back
So good to have you around

You know the secrets I could never tell
And when I'm quiet you break through my shell
Don't feel the need to do a rebel yell
'Cause you keep my feet on the ground

You're a true friend
You're here till the end
You pull me aside when something ain't right
Talk with me now and into the night
'Til it's alright again
You're a true friend

You don't get angry when I change the plans
Somehow you're never out of second chances
Won't say "I told you" when I'm wrong again
I'm so lucky that I've found

True friends will go to the ends of the earth
Till they find the things you need
Friends hang on through the ups and the downs
Cause they've got someone to believe in

(Lagu ni best and sweet)

P/s : To someone yang suke menghasut untuk kite berempat bergaduh. Terima kasih atas semua cerita merepek awak ye. Saya nak bagitau awak, next month kita dah officially jadi dentist. I think u fail! Better luck breaking the next bestfriends u met yah! Awak jahat, tapi saya dah maafkan awak =')

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

You are my little star

*~If I had a star for every time you brightened my day...I'd be holding the galaxy in my hands~*

If you be sugar, I'll be spice
If you be fire, I'll be ice
If your cold, I'll make you hot
As long as you give me all you got
-written by anonymous

P/s: In a super happy mood today. It feels wonderful when the person you think about the whole day magically shows up!

You really are my little star.

Guys don't say EX, they say NEXT

Girls kept saying MY EX... while guys say NEXT~~!

"Next please!!!"

'Rejection' is sucky. Especially when it is the first time. It is not rejection itself that we fear, it is the possible consequences of rejection. Don’t take anything personally. Nothing others do is because of you. What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream.

“Rejection is fun when you can learn from it and grow as a wiser person.”
-Augie from SelflessMinds.com

What you SHOULDN'T say to your EX :

I'm NOT supposed to love you I'm not supposed to care...
I'm NOT suppose to live my life wishing you were there...
I'm not supposed to wonder where you are or what you do...
I'm SORRY I can't help myself I feel in love with YOU!!

Please deyh...

What you SHOULD say:

You made me think you loved me
You made me think it was true
But now that we're not together
I'm already done with you

*~*I had a dream that i still love u *~*
I think I woke up SCREAMING!!!!!!
-Cik google's quotes

Girlfriends :

"Cry your heart out, let it all go. Cuz remember, after every drop of tear, comes a rainbow!" twinggggggggg**

P/s : Don't get me wrong. I have nothing against my Ex. We're good friends now. I'm just writing about men in general : )

SMILE... the world is a wonderful place!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

:+:+: Tickle me :+:+:

I'm lost in my happyland and it feels great!

"You'll fall in love with the most unexpected people, at the most unexpected times,"
-Quote from Twitter

I love the feeling when he send me home after a FAB date. I got off his bike, and walk inside. After taking off my heels... 5 minutes later... hesitantly, I ran outside to see him for the last time that night. Surprisingly, he was still there. Staring at my house. He never left... >.<

TIPS to a happy ending : Never tell him "You're spending too much time with your guy friend". Because he will always choose them over you. That is trespassing his personal space. huhu. Remember he's a guy not a girl. We're different.

For every girl with a broken heart, there's always a guy with a glue gun. He can mend your heart, but you have to give him all the pieces.
- Fav Quotes

"I don't get jealous when I see my Ex dating another girl, because my mother always taught me to give away my old toys to the less fortunate,"
- Quote from My best friend Yasmin Yahaya

Gambar ni just for fun je.

:+:+: A thought of you highlight my day :+:+:

He's not a soldier,
But he'll take a bullet for me,
He's not Einstein,
But he knows how to solve all my problems,
He's not Donald Trump,
It's not his money I'm after,
When he stares at me for a long time,
I know he wishes that I'm his,
For whom it may concern, thank you for showing me how love is suppose to feel.


the part time writer,

Yurp, this is another jiwang post by me! Thanks for reading =)

Writing is a passion.
Sincerity clears up the soul.
Love colours the heart.
A thought of you highlight my day.

Dah senyum busuk dah ni. winx!