Saturday, August 28, 2010

:+:+: For the boy who saved me from a bad dream - thank you :+:+:

I couldn't sleep the night before. I have butterflies in my stomach the whole day. I ran towards the arrival's sliding door at the airport, glancing between huge crowds of people. I'm only 157cm tall, my sight was easily blocked by the sea of people. I waited anxiously, walking back and forth. Pulling my white dress every 2 seconds, hoping to look slimmer absurdly. "He should be here by now," I text him. Hoping he'll jump out of nowhere and surprised me. I remembered the last time I had 'this butterfly feelings' at the airport was when I send my ex to catch his flight back to Kedah. Oh no, brain don't go back to that dark place. Come back! come back!! The sun shines brighter now.

A tall fair young man walked towards the arrivals door. He was wearing a black leather jacket and a dark Levi's jeans. He has spiky hair, small cat's eyes and broad shoulders. He was pushing a trolley which he have stacked his baggages. There were a very large bag, 2 bag-packs and two all sizes and shapes cartons. As he exit the arrival's gate, he and his cousin said their goodbyes to Acap. Their faces were enlightened. The Malaysia's sun shine their faces and all three of them glow like golden globes.

I tried not to stare, hoping for him to notice me before he caught me staring at him. That would be embarrassing. Aki saw me, he smiled. The first time his eyes caught mine, there was something different in the air. I could not help myself but to stare. I think it would be absurd to hide my smile. The airport was filled with people as far as the eye could see. I wished it was just us. Aki's cousin was teasing us from behind but his voice got lost in the crowd.

The rain just stop. We could smell the lovely damp earth of Malaysia. We stared at each other and we knew all was right with the world. We were home.

Whenever i see you i still get butterflies like the first time

For the boy who saved me from a bad dream
- thank you

Titanic 2? Menarik...?

When i found out that Titanic 2 was released on August 24, 2010, I felt like jumping. I'm a big fan of Titanic (The first film @ the best film ever in history). Teringat zaman2 tengok Titanic pastu nanges teresak2... nak cover dari orang sebelah sebab malu nanti hilang macho. Tapi tengok banyak kali pun, meleley gak air mata, berbakul2 tisu kat sebelah.

But this story (Titanic 2) is not a sequel from Titanic by James Cameron. And according to critics, the rating is only 2/10. hrm..pandai2 je korunk kritik. Well to judge, we have to see the film dulu laaa...

Walaupun semua orang kate cite ni tak best, tapi tajuk die gempak. So I can't wait to watch it!