Sunday, December 20, 2009

20 facts I just realized

Facts I just realized..

1. I don't know why I woke up at 3.30a.m everyday.
2. Pretend to like someone is better than to hate 'em.
3. I love food so much.
4. I hate him so much because I love him so much.
5. I hate to see him going to the gym, because he's getting hotter and i'm getting fatter.
6. I really should be studying now. haha
7. Anonymous people who commented my blog, annoys me.
8. I hate afro girl because I kept losing to her.
9. I'm materialistic.
10. I envy my mom because she is so beautiful.

11. AKI and I look alike.
12. I jealous tengok AKI makin kurus sebab odontek, rase cam nak odontek gak je.
13. I lurve ice cream!

14. I just belanje arina semalam!!
15. EZY is the nicest person i ever met. I don't understand why people always get the wrong impression kat dia. Just because she tak pakai tudung, that doesn't make her a SLUT.
16. NAD was the one yang buat I obsess ngan shawls. luv it!
17. ARINA is my idola. Always is, always will.
18. I learned a lot about LOVE from

19. AIN, ALYN and SAFFY buat I addicted to reading blogs.
20. Seriously, i should be studying, my ujian profesi prostodonsia is next week.hehe



Alin said...

omg!! my name is up there! :)

thankk u!

iecka said...

& i learn soo much from you too k.ckyn! ;) thank uu! i lap you! :) hehe.gewdluck exam profesi.! ;)