Monday, May 31, 2010

:+:+: A taste of perfection :+:+:

My bf drove me to our sacred beach. Balekambang beach was meaningful to us because the first time my bf 'saw' me a year and a half ago was at Balekambang. If either one of us didn't go to BK back then, he wouldn't have noticed me and non of 'this' ever happen. It was 8 p.m when Syaukhi decided to take the wheels. I was his co-pilot. My jobs are to look for directions, read signboards, warn him for holes in the road, and most important thing was keeping him awake. The road to BK was dark, the local government have been stingy on road lights.

At 1 a.m, we reached BK. The chalet were fully booked. A party of eight people, 4 man and 4 women, we decided to set up a camp near the beach. By 3a.m, the camp was set and we had the most perfect camp-fire.

As day light crawls in slowly, the colours of the sky was brilliant. A ray of magenta lights peak between the clouds. The sun just woke up and the sight was magnificent. The wave was scary, it was as high as 2-3 storey building. The great height for surfing. BK offers a sight that no beach in Malaysia has. It was cold and the wave crashes to the tidal wave.

I walked along the beach, it was easy to spot my bf, The fairest person swimming in the sea was him. It's like he glowed when the water touches his skin.

Hand in hand as we sat on a big shallow tree's branch staring at Allah's greatest creation, the beach and the sea look the same as in 2009, but as Syaukhi gazed at me and his brown eyes reflected the sun rays, strong wind blew our faces, I know somehow it wasn't the same. Now, it's better.

That day, I felt in love with him all over again. He's like a candy, once you open the wrapping, even the Webster couldn't find the word to describe the sweetness of the taste.

P/s : We are all given a fair chance in this world and endless opportunities. The question is how we pursue them.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

He saves my life. I couldn't thank you enough

P/s : I'm still exhausted from the trip. May be I'll write the full story later. Just to know Syaukhi saved me like anyone could ever be saved. Somehow dramatically and tragically, I am still alive today because of his voice telling me not to give up.

"You'll come out of here ok, don't give up. The boat will come for us,"

Bare foot in the wood, it started to rain. The soil was muddy and muddy rivers began to form. It was a rain forest, the 'texture' of the forest was thick. The road was more narrow and tricky than before. I lost my foot-ware kilometres ago. Multiple wounds on my feet. Every steps felt like knives penetrating through my princess' skin. It has been 8 hours without real food, I just shuffled small crackers in my mouth to keep my sanity. The forest was so thick and layered, that sunshine barely reached the ground. Walking on a narrow cliff, clinging to roots from trees to keep ourselves from falling into the deep clear sea underneath was when I was mentally broke down. I cried and cried. I hate deep water and I hate heights. Syaukhi held me and told me, "I got you, you won't fall. I promise. Just hang on to those roots and we'll make it out of here before dark,"

Near the cliff, I met a stranger, a big tall dark man, he was running like a mad man. He was alone and was carrying the biggest bag-pack I've ever seen. Boy! was I relieved to see another human! Hysterically, he asked us if we carry sharp objects. Hesitantly we said no. He told us he was chased by a tiger. A yellow-orange creature was sneaking peaking on him since the last kilometer. He panicked and left us, Syaukhi told me to run! We ran! He pushed like no one has ever push me before. We were scared to death thinking today might be the end of us. Syaukhi told me to run faster but my feet were bleeding. The hysterical guy kept running, he left us. what a psychotic bastard. haha. I look around with 'full alarm' I saw a pack of monkeys. Real big monkeys, almost human size monkeys all around us. They were walking on grounds and swinging from trees to trees. I told Syaukhi that the tiger's not here. It couldn't be, or those gigantic monkeys won't be on the ground. Maybe if the tiger really existed, it was still chasing that poor guy. Too bad he didn't wanna stick around. I saw his pale-face, he was scared shit.

Syaukhi told me to keep moving. It was raining and the mud was as high as our knees. It was beginning to get dark, he pull me out of the mud more than a hundred time. Multiple wounds on my feet, my hands and bruises everywhere. I know this is the worst situation we've been through together and we make it out alive. He didn't just save me once or twice but a hundred times. I fell between trees and cliffs and he came sliding down to get me. I fell into the deepest mud, it was waist high, and sunk me slowly, He pulled me out.

9 to 10 hours later, we found a camp side and we got in our 'rescue' boat just in time before night fall.

Before we get in our 'rescue' boat, we have to walked about 300 metres through the sea, because the tide was low and it was impossible for the boat to stop at the beach. The water was knee-high and sharp corals and rocks are underneath, but I don't care. I felt like running towards that boat with the cool blinking lights. Syaukhi held my hands, he smiled and said "I'm sorry I got you into this, but you'll remember this day till the day we're old... together,"

P/s : To dearest Syaukhi, you are my hero. To dearest Abg wan, kak N, Zul, Chun, Nal and Iman. I don't know where are you guys most of the time but thank you for the support. I couldn't ask for better friends than you guys. I'm thankful we are safe in our own homes now.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

:+:+: I Heart you, yes you! :+:+:

A friend is someone who sees through you and still enjoys the view - Wilma Askinas
A friend is a present you give to yourself. Robert Louis Stevenson
Cik arina yang baik hati. I HEART YOU! YES YOU... Tibe2 teringat post dulu tentang arina,

Now I tengah m00d super happy. Ppssst, tak sabar nak gi holiday dengan my friends and michaelangelo at the end of this week. A sweet escape from my socially retarded dentist-life. I heart Michaelangelo! You make me a better person somehow. Thank you.


"Courage to tell someone you love them isn’t the absence of the fear of being rejected but the realization that love is more important than the fear of being rejected,"


P/S - Love hurts when you love the one that will never love you back. So just move on there is always someone for you.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

:+: Duh... Benatang... :+:

I recycle je picture ni sebab this is one of my favorite photo.
"The smiling ostrich"
Bet the zoo keeper fed him, his favorite 'pasta' that morning,

I'm smiling from ear to ear today,
Life is a bliss!
I stalk my mom everyday by calling her cellphone every 20 hours,
I miss my mom so0o much!

For the past 4 weeks, I've been bragging dekat my bf suruh teman belikan I a hamster,
Kite discuss about me buying a hamster macam nak discuss about me raising a child je,
I said pretty please... he said no,
I said pretty please with watermelon on top... he said no way hose,
I love pets, for the past 5 years I bought 2 rabbits, 2 turtles, dozens fishes and eels and yes a cockroach
Sucking sangap nye nk pet, sanggup bele lipas!
Dan dimanakah semua benatang itu?
Rest in peace 2 feet underground kat belakang rumah my friend Yasmin,
But still I think he should gives me another chance la,
Mane la tau those hamster yang I belom beli lagi may survive more than 6 months under one roof dengan I, betol tak?

P/s : Honestly I'm not good with animals but I love them ! And dengan tamak haloba nye I wish I had hundreds of them. All kinds of animals even that ostrich from that photo. hrm... nanti bile all my friends show off their fancy automotives, boleh I cakap "You guys are so0o out dated, who rides cars and bikes these days, ostrich-ride is the newest trend,ok"


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

:+: Let's not kill the drama :+:

I paint this,
"U bite more than you could chew"

I didn't saw you but i knew u laughed when I smiled,
U smiled when I gazed at you.
Untouchable by hands yet secretly touched by heart,
I have no idea how I feel for you and you have no idea how you feel for me.
But I'm so sure we felt each other.

Live well my friend,
The world is a beautiful place to live in,
Believe me.



I haven't name this painting, I'm so sure it's obvious who was my inspiration. I think I'll call it "The Kopuno Man". I tersalah "Save" after finish painting, ter'save' dalam jpeg image, jadi timbullah bintik2 kelabu hitam yang muncul macam cendawan lepas hujan (around his body). Tapi bile tengok banyak kali, macam cantik plak ade "efek2" yang nampak macam bombastik lah konon. Padahal eksiden beb. ho-ho.

I'm a dentist. I love art

Sunday, May 9, 2010

True love stories never end

First of all, happy mother's day Mak!!
Love. Kiss. I miss u dearly. (btw) you are nature's masterpiece
You told me that scars of the heart are writings of pain from our mistakes so that we may have a history to look back upon as to not repeat the past. And those words help me grow everyday of my life. Thank you.
Second, happy 'XX' anniversary De La Vega,
Knowing you will be with me in all my tomorrows, makes my today so wonderful
Eternal Love - I love u Wall-E!!
P/s : All our dreams can come true – if we have the courage to pursue them.
- Walt Disney

Thursday, May 6, 2010

:+: Short Distance Relationship = SDR?? :+:

Kite semua tau LDR (long distance relationship), tapi ada ke orang cakap2 tentang SDR? kalau dah dekat, tak yah lah nak kepoh2 pakai title SDR. Haha..Shikyn ni kepoh betol lah. Kuat mengarut tol.

Apa beza LDR dengan SDR? Sebenarnya sama je, asal boifren u "love u unconditionally" and "distance doesn't matter,". Pada pendapat I, 2 perkara ni susah sangat nak ade kat laki2 unless "u r his 1 true love". One and only love, not his no.1 love. Beza sangat tu. Girls, please take note! I found out SDR tu sangat la best. Still a jakunis dengan SDR. SO, sile tunjuk ajar ye peeps!

Based on my experiences

- kalau SDR boleh jumpe hari2, rindu je jumpe. rindu je jumpe. Tapi kalau jumpe selalu nanti bosan plak. Sebab I dah terbiasa LDR dulu, I limit kan date dengan my boifren paling banyak 2x seminggu dah cukup lah. Tak payah jumpe selalu. Bila dah jarang jumpe, mesti lagi rindu kan? Time jumpe nanti mesti rase lagi Bombastik!

- Bila dah dekat, mestilah selalu I datang melepak kat rumah, especially if nak cilok internet dia main game ke, masak lunch lebih sikit je, masuk tupperware hantar kat rumah dia. Kalo LDR tak dapat kan buat camni....haa.... Webcam je lah time makan, pastu offer ayam-ayam kat dia "Nak syg? nk? I makan kan ek? Haum..." Ahaha..

- Yang paling penting, bila dekat dengan si dia. Semua geng2 dan 'konco2' dia korunk kenal. Jangan cakap kawan2, mak bapak dia dengan uncle aunty cousins2 dia semua korunk dah jumpe. Aha! kecoh tol shikyn ni. Family matters. Of course. Nak amek hati family si dia lagi penting dari nak amek hati dia. Believe me. Inilah time kene tunjuk skill keibuan dan kelembutan yang tak pernah ada dalam diri ni! Shikyn practice lagi, silalah lembut lagi.

- Dulu I LDR, jumpe bf 4 bulan sekali. Bila jumpe mesti nak pakai my best dress, dress to the nine. Ye lah sebab jarang jumpe! Konon2 nak nampak perfect in his eyes. Tapi sebenarnya tu semua tak penting, yang penting ialah be yourself, u guys complete each other tu dah more than perfect dah. Tapi bila SDR, tak payah dress chantik2 sangat, sebab he probably have seen all your wardrobe, and smell all your perfumes. Tu maksudnye dia sayang korunk seadanya. haha. Tibe2 geli pulak dengan kata2 tadi.

- The best thing about SDR, is his 'ride'. I think most girls will agree with me.
Please refer to this post. Walaupun ex boifren i dulu boleh bawak kapal terbang, tapi macam lah dia boleh pinjam 1 kapal terbang nak jemput i makan malam jap. Setelah cinta kitarunk terkandas, I berazam nak carik boifren yang reti bawa space rocket pulak. Ade hati, tak sedar diri tol la shikyn ni. Akhirnya, ade mamat yang bawa avanza hitam dan motor berwarna hijau jugak lah jadik buah hati I. Oh yah De La Vega, I'm madly in love with your ride. Sila lah bawa I makan tempat yang best2 dan mahal lagi. eh eh eh eh....

P/s : SDR ke LDR, yang penting appreciate la your partner. Silalah SETIA. I suke ayat ni, banyak post I melibatkan 'perkataan' ni. 1 is enough, 2 is trouble. Dah ade 1 cukuplah, jangan nak menggatal nak banyak2. De La Vega, you're my only one.