Friday, December 11, 2009

:+: Let's croz Our fingers and smile :+:


Sometimes simple things can make you feel so happy.

Sometimes life is just playing mean to you, to show you that you deserve a lot better.

Sometimes it's okay to let him love you more than you love him.

Sometimes it's okay to be hurt yesterday because life is an ebb to flow from darkness and back again.

Sometimes it's okay to never forget all those things that broke you, because they are your learning lessons in life.

Sometimes it's okay to leave him alone for a day or two, guys need space more than girls.

Sometimes we just got to tell them we need attentions, rather than giving them the silent treatment, guys just don't get it!

Sometimes girls in cliques could be so heartless and do mean things to you, it's okay to stand tall even if you are alone.



iecka said...

:( that is soo inspiring! thanks k.ckyn! MUAHHH!

Anonymous said...

sekadar teguran sbb skng dh digunakan secara meluas tanpa org sedar akan maksudnya.
finger cross or cross finger yg org suka sebut bila wish smthng is actually cara org christian cm wish upon their god. a simple way to do it? lambang christian kan salib a.k.a cross. eg: 'i hope everything goes well.cross my fingers'. so its like diorng berdoa ke tuhan diorng when they say cross fingers.
so i hope non christian esp muslim akan stop saying tht coz its not cool infact its wrong to be doing or saying that coz it means somthng in another religion.
sorry to interupt. thanx

:+:+: Ashikyn :+:+: said...

to pika ---> mmuah balik!

to hantu ---> sape sruh take it seriously. i never cross my fingers. terima kasih ye la ek sbb nak ceramah kat sini.

Anonymous said...

bukan ceramah.setakat menegur sesame muslim.tapi seems like anda nak marah ni kenape plak?

:+:+: Ashikyn :+:+: said...

to hantu --> it's literally. duh.. yea terima kasih yea..duh..

Anonymous said...

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