Friday, June 27, 2008

Simply contented

Kung fu panda is just hilarious. This time Nad was right!

It has been a hectic weekend. More practicum test... and more practical test… and more… bring it on!

Luckily I get to squeeze a Saturday night to watch kung fu panda and I get to meet PO, the main character, a talking ass kicking panda.

The movie is a funny fill story. Believe me, it’s a tear laughing sort of cartoon, a-to-die-for-story line. PERFECT 5 STARS, I said. I laughed Muahaha! Muahaha! At times I thought I choked on my own breath laughing so hard. There were times I clutched my friend’s arm… “suspen2 suspen nye! isk2!!” Overall it was perfect! A round of applause. clap clap fewwitt!!!

And the fun part about it is that I get to watch it with this friend. Thank you. [higs]

Oral Biology practical test was on Tuesday. I was ever so restless. I’ve failed this test a year ago and it drove me ga-ga. I remembered the day I ran away from home just to clear my mind. I was scared at that time and I’m not afraid to admit that now.

Special thanks to my best friends at Malaysia -> who help gained my faith, my housemates -> best people in the world, and my friends at Surabaya. Sorry I scared you people.

Guys, I retook this test with all hopes to get better grades and I think I did better this time.

Test result for Roentgen’s clinic just been key in in our results. Suddenly, I feel like I'm in the middle of a storm that's just beginning to brew and like I have to be somewhere else. Oh no! This could be the end of me! I couldn’t bear to see my results. Not another heartbreak baby, no more!! my stomach dropped to the floor

TUMP! I heard the sound of my tummy dropping in to my feet, now I have to drag it down. I started to walk faster. TUMP TUMP TUMP! berisik ah!

A cold chilled ran down my spines as I jogged to see my result in the university computer.

I keyed in my password, and as I sat on that old chair. I thought I could die! I gathered every ounce of my strength and press the key enter in my university’s computer…

Click ------- (I smiled… the first and the second alphabet showed)


nadhirah mohd shakri said...

congrats babe!!mwax...luv ya

:+:+: Ashikyn :+:+: said...

hehe..thanks babe...
nad ure succha B-A-B-E la..
so switt~