Friday, June 27, 2008

Long distance relationship = single??

Are all long distance relationships doomed? Can they work out like perfectly? There is no such thing as a “yes” or “no” answer unless you have a magic crystal ball and you can see your whole future. Trust is the most important thing in an affair but for special case like this, trust is never enough. No one dare to let themselves stuck in a long distance relationship if he/she didn’t have faith in their partner.

LDR is unimaginably expensive. Countless emails, instant messages, attempted phone conversations, the internet’s bill, the phone bill, and so much more could reach hundred thousands Rp a month alone. But it is nothing compared to the satisfaction for both-sides.

LDR is almost like being in your single status. The only different is that there is a heart waiting for you back home. But most of the time in your life you’ll spent alone or with your friends which is not a problem at all! We should not be needy, neither should we be desperate. Falling in love only when we know it’s worth falling for. Being in two different places, the syncing schedules are challenging. It’s not helped when the time difference means you’re just ready for a goodnight chat everyday.

5 Myths on LDR

  1. LDR means lonely?

- No. LDR will only be lonely if he doesn’t return your calls for a month, ignore your runts for a year time. Well, by that time the relationship will be over and there is no more LDR. So LDR doesn’t mean you’ll get lonely. If he doesn’t pick up your call once, that is not lonely

  1. You can’t have double date with your best friends

- Well yah. So what? Who wants to? ‘Don’t you get abhorred listening to your best friend’s baby talks?’ “gross”

- It’s no fun when everybody all paired up except you. So what? Grab a friend and start a joke.

  1. Is my partner cheating on me?

- “Is he? Is he cheating on me? Because the last 5min he should be home and there is no traffic jam in Bangkok especially in 2 a.m, may be he went to see his other new gf…”

- 2 possibility - true or PARANOIA!

  1. Ready to eat meal for one.

- There is no need to eat your dinner alone. Don’t you have friends?

  1. A blank diary

- “I barely see my partner, what can I write about her/him?” It does sound sad, doesn’t it? Especially for girls, because most girls love diaries. But you can always save all the SMS, the endless phone calls, and paste some pictures in your diary plus clip down a video if you are using cyber diaries.

I heard a million time that all those who are in LDR are desperados, they are afraid if they let go of this one, the next person they’ll fallen in love to will be in the next century. Further more we are in Surabaya, Malaysians are finger countable (ha-ha… yah... if you borrowed 20 people’s fingers plus their feet). Undeniably scarce ~ definitely! That is a myth inside a close minded person. I have a close friend who said by accepting to further her study overseas it has cost her a relationship. I believe that if he left her because of that, it will be his lost!!! For those who got dumped or dumped their partner because they can’t stand LDR, I’d say it’s the right thing to do. Yes, painful but just bounce back in your life. Instead of pushing the dying relationship longer, just end it already! Never push a relationship when you know it’s hopeless. If he/she won’t wait for you, then it is not love. Duh!

So are all LDR will end up with tissues and red eyes? I’d say it all depends on how you manage to control your relationship. Just set a date by which you’ll be reunited. Place a goal on how your relationship will end up. Marriage?? Or may be just trying for now, see if he/she is Mr/Miss right. Whatever it is, LDR and single status are not chronic situations.

“Good things will come to those who wait”

This article is especially dedicated to these people below (with love)


nadhirah mohd shakri said...

ckyn~...uwaaa...terharu i bace post ni..omg..u're sooo depends on how u manage ur relationship..btw,in my case.. i CAN stand was 'the other person' who cant stand it...thus,there was never really LOVE in him..but i'm glad i was so sincere n loyal.LDR is not bad at all.btw,i'm happy 4 u n butek..i really do.. =)

:+:+: Ashikyn :+:+: said...

no it's not. LDR is great.. hehe