Thursday, December 2, 2010

I am FAT and UGLY but I tell myself everyday that I am BEAUTIFUL

To the one soul, I love so much,

I know I'm FAT and I'm UGLY,
But u don't have to look at me like I'm a hideous blob,
I am not revolting ugly,
I'm just ugly,
I am fat and I am ugly,
I am lazy and I am fussy,
I'm a mess!

Don't u see
The tall wall I build around me to protect my heart,
I am fat,
I eat to feel loved,
You don't have to remind me everyday, how ugly I am,
I know..
Help me gain my self-confident to FACE the world,
Don't help me to gain more weight to SHUN the world,

All my life I just want you to look at me and say,
"You're beautiful dear..."
Because deep inside I know I am...
I'm beautiful,
Inside out.

P/s : I tell myself everyday. I am beautiful...

"Rupa kaknoi adalah ciptaan Allah S.W.T. Tak ade orang yang layak mengkritik,"

- Quote from My lovely sister, Nur Diyana Haron
Thanks Diyana!

"Time sedih-sedih macam ni, kalau lah dapat ajak cik bf naik roller coaster and tengok muke dia menjerit-jerit mesti best! wakaka!"

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