Monday, December 27, 2010

For the girl who ran away so fast, so far

Yes, she is

For the girl who ran away so fast,

We couldn't catch you,

For the girl who ran away before she could hear what we have to say,

We wanna tell you that we love you,

Love not loved.

For the girl who I call best friend a long time ago,

No matter how much we hate you, you’re still our best friend,

Remember that night when we held each other pinky and said...

Best friend forever, remember?

For the girl who tells stories to satisfy her own emotions,

I dreamt about slapping you so many times,

But when I see you all I wanna do is hug you and ask you “Are you ok? I miss you”

But I can’t, there’s always those distance look that’s in your eyes.

For the girl who ran away so fast,

Slow down, we miss you.

We do.

I do.

- Shikyn -


apisz said...

encem pakwe..ngeee.. jom dah x boleh skrg?

:+:+:+:arina aliaa:+:+:+: said...

i nak komen tadi, tapi i tak ingt ni post yg mane. Hhahahahah.

i miss u!

:+:+: Ashikyn :+:+: said...

apiz next time bawa camera besar awak tu...amek gambar kite banyak2. nk volunteer jadi model ni(hancur kamera amek gambar bdk tembam ni) haha...

arina!! miss u more!!! sooner or later i mesti turun johor jugak! nanti kite dating kat danga bay lagi k!