Sunday, May 30, 2010

He saves my life. I couldn't thank you enough

P/s : I'm still exhausted from the trip. May be I'll write the full story later. Just to know Syaukhi saved me like anyone could ever be saved. Somehow dramatically and tragically, I am still alive today because of his voice telling me not to give up.

"You'll come out of here ok, don't give up. The boat will come for us,"

Bare foot in the wood, it started to rain. The soil was muddy and muddy rivers began to form. It was a rain forest, the 'texture' of the forest was thick. The road was more narrow and tricky than before. I lost my foot-ware kilometres ago. Multiple wounds on my feet. Every steps felt like knives penetrating through my princess' skin. It has been 8 hours without real food, I just shuffled small crackers in my mouth to keep my sanity. The forest was so thick and layered, that sunshine barely reached the ground. Walking on a narrow cliff, clinging to roots from trees to keep ourselves from falling into the deep clear sea underneath was when I was mentally broke down. I cried and cried. I hate deep water and I hate heights. Syaukhi held me and told me, "I got you, you won't fall. I promise. Just hang on to those roots and we'll make it out of here before dark,"

Near the cliff, I met a stranger, a big tall dark man, he was running like a mad man. He was alone and was carrying the biggest bag-pack I've ever seen. Boy! was I relieved to see another human! Hysterically, he asked us if we carry sharp objects. Hesitantly we said no. He told us he was chased by a tiger. A yellow-orange creature was sneaking peaking on him since the last kilometer. He panicked and left us, Syaukhi told me to run! We ran! He pushed like no one has ever push me before. We were scared to death thinking today might be the end of us. Syaukhi told me to run faster but my feet were bleeding. The hysterical guy kept running, he left us. what a psychotic bastard. haha. I look around with 'full alarm' I saw a pack of monkeys. Real big monkeys, almost human size monkeys all around us. They were walking on grounds and swinging from trees to trees. I told Syaukhi that the tiger's not here. It couldn't be, or those gigantic monkeys won't be on the ground. Maybe if the tiger really existed, it was still chasing that poor guy. Too bad he didn't wanna stick around. I saw his pale-face, he was scared shit.

Syaukhi told me to keep moving. It was raining and the mud was as high as our knees. It was beginning to get dark, he pull me out of the mud more than a hundred time. Multiple wounds on my feet, my hands and bruises everywhere. I know this is the worst situation we've been through together and we make it out alive. He didn't just save me once or twice but a hundred times. I fell between trees and cliffs and he came sliding down to get me. I fell into the deepest mud, it was waist high, and sunk me slowly, He pulled me out.

9 to 10 hours later, we found a camp side and we got in our 'rescue' boat just in time before night fall.

Before we get in our 'rescue' boat, we have to walked about 300 metres through the sea, because the tide was low and it was impossible for the boat to stop at the beach. The water was knee-high and sharp corals and rocks are underneath, but I don't care. I felt like running towards that boat with the cool blinking lights. Syaukhi held my hands, he smiled and said "I'm sorry I got you into this, but you'll remember this day till the day we're old... together,"

P/s : To dearest Syaukhi, you are my hero. To dearest Abg wan, kak N, Zul, Chun, Nal and Iman. I don't know where are you guys most of the time but thank you for the support. I couldn't ask for better friends than you guys. I'm thankful we are safe in our own homes now.


Cik bunga mawar said...

wow, what a great experiences...though scary sebenarnye.

alhamdullillah, u selamat~

nadhirah mohd shakri said...

alalalaa...aki loves u :)

:+:+: Ashikyn :+:+: said...

to cik mawar --> sangat scary, but it was great.=)

to nad ---> yes. proven! hee

Izyan Nadirah said...

well written! rasa mcm baca twilight plak. sgt sgt romantiks la u ngn bf. hehe

:+:+: Ashikyn :+:+: said...

irah! hee... cik bf sgt baek =)

chun said...

Shiykin, I bru bce. Welcome, and thanks to u too. Omgggg scary kan. But we'll remember it.

:+:+: Ashikyn :+:+: said...

oh chun. heee..cite lame. but thank you. you were a great friend all the way. luv yah!