Monday, May 31, 2010

:+:+: A taste of perfection :+:+:

My bf drove me to our sacred beach. Balekambang beach was meaningful to us because the first time my bf 'saw' me a year and a half ago was at Balekambang. If either one of us didn't go to BK back then, he wouldn't have noticed me and non of 'this' ever happen. It was 8 p.m when Syaukhi decided to take the wheels. I was his co-pilot. My jobs are to look for directions, read signboards, warn him for holes in the road, and most important thing was keeping him awake. The road to BK was dark, the local government have been stingy on road lights.

At 1 a.m, we reached BK. The chalet were fully booked. A party of eight people, 4 man and 4 women, we decided to set up a camp near the beach. By 3a.m, the camp was set and we had the most perfect camp-fire.

As day light crawls in slowly, the colours of the sky was brilliant. A ray of magenta lights peak between the clouds. The sun just woke up and the sight was magnificent. The wave was scary, it was as high as 2-3 storey building. The great height for surfing. BK offers a sight that no beach in Malaysia has. It was cold and the wave crashes to the tidal wave.

I walked along the beach, it was easy to spot my bf, The fairest person swimming in the sea was him. It's like he glowed when the water touches his skin.

Hand in hand as we sat on a big shallow tree's branch staring at Allah's greatest creation, the beach and the sea look the same as in 2009, but as Syaukhi gazed at me and his brown eyes reflected the sun rays, strong wind blew our faces, I know somehow it wasn't the same. Now, it's better.

That day, I felt in love with him all over again. He's like a candy, once you open the wrapping, even the Webster couldn't find the word to describe the sweetness of the taste.

P/s : We are all given a fair chance in this world and endless opportunities. The question is how we pursue them.

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