Sunday, May 16, 2010

:+: Duh... Benatang... :+:

I recycle je picture ni sebab this is one of my favorite photo.
"The smiling ostrich"
Bet the zoo keeper fed him, his favorite 'pasta' that morning,

I'm smiling from ear to ear today,
Life is a bliss!
I stalk my mom everyday by calling her cellphone every 20 hours,
I miss my mom so0o much!

For the past 4 weeks, I've been bragging dekat my bf suruh teman belikan I a hamster,
Kite discuss about me buying a hamster macam nak discuss about me raising a child je,
I said pretty please... he said no,
I said pretty please with watermelon on top... he said no way hose,
I love pets, for the past 5 years I bought 2 rabbits, 2 turtles, dozens fishes and eels and yes a cockroach
Sucking sangap nye nk pet, sanggup bele lipas!
Dan dimanakah semua benatang itu?
Rest in peace 2 feet underground kat belakang rumah my friend Yasmin,
But still I think he should gives me another chance la,
Mane la tau those hamster yang I belom beli lagi may survive more than 6 months under one roof dengan I, betol tak?

P/s : Honestly I'm not good with animals but I love them ! And dengan tamak haloba nye I wish I had hundreds of them. All kinds of animals even that ostrich from that photo. hrm... nanti bile all my friends show off their fancy automotives, boleh I cakap "You guys are so0o out dated, who rides cars and bikes these days, ostrich-ride is the newest trend,ok"


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