Tuesday, April 6, 2010

:+:+: Thank you BFF 2005:+:+:

Post ni special for my bff batch 2005.

I nak dedicate lagu flyleaf - broken wings

Thank you for being such a friend to me
Oh I pray a friend for life,
And have I ever told you how much you mean to me?
Oh you mean so much to me

I'm thinking all the time how to tell you what I feel,
I'm contemplating phrases, I'm gazing at eternity,
I am floating in serenity...
And I am so lost for words
And I am so overwhelmed
Please don't go just yet
Can we stay a moment please
We can dance together
We can dance forever
Under your stars tonight , We'll live and breathe this dream
So close your eyes, but don't dream too deep
And please pass me some memories
And when I fall you're underneath 1000 broken hearts, carried by 1000 broken wings 1000 broken wings!!!!

Semalam I baru amek baju graduation. Bila pikir2 balik. Dah almost 5 years I duduk sini dan tak lame lagi semua orang akan grad dari UNAIR dan pergi ikot haluan masing2. Everyone cant wait to start a new life kat Msia. I just nak cakap thank you to my bestfriends batch 2005:







Thank you so much for being there for me since first semester sampai sekarang. Ntah berapa kali tah I nanges sebab my x-bf or when my patients menghilang diri, or bile2 la. Thank you sebab whenever ade orang buli I, korunk sentiase jadi back-up terkuat. You girls memang bessssst. Memang I'm looking forward to start a new life kat Msia, tapi 1 bende je yang held me back from my dreams, that is you girls.

Cik Nadhirah

Crazy min

Hawtie Ezy

To my hunnies : Memories will never be replaced
No salah, you girls will never be replaced.


nadhirah mohd shakri said...

i love this!!
this is soo sweet!
u know,i nangis bace ur post ok.
knowing dat x lame lagi kite dh nk separate. hukkkkk...i'm gonna miss u babe. love u soo much. u've been a good friend

:+:+: Ashikyn :+:+: said...

tbe2 sentimental. i cant imagine life without you or the girls. serious, i cant. you girls mean so much to me!

:+:+:+:arina aliaa:+:+:+: said...


kite kena set a date la. every year, kena buat reunion! haaa.....

i'm glad that u are a piece of my puzzle (literally). u're the best roomate i've ever had!! sorry i slalu kacau u,,baling fox dlm mulut u n the list goes on.....


lap u to bits.

:+:+: Ashikyn :+:+: said...

eat more chicken la
eat more ckyn
nnt i jadi tong aqua.

luv u 2 arina

yasmin said...

ckynnn huny!! Sooo sweet of u dearie..thank u sooo mucho! U will nvr b 4gotten ofcoz..n alwiz rmember me kay! Aiyaa..yeah kan its been 5 years..uwaAa..da rindu da.. =') love ya olwiz!

:+:+: Ashikyn :+:+: said...

luv yah yasmin!