Thursday, April 15, 2010

:+:+: KOPI-O BELOG :+:+:

I dapat inspirasi to write this post from
Miss Hanahird, fakebook.

This is funny, the first time I open her blog, I laughed. I know I agak naughty to make this post. But whattaheck, 'u' saw this coming anyways. keh keh keh...

Few weeks ago, a lil' birdy told me bout belog pompuan ni yang 'hampir' samadengan mine. She's no stranger to me. She's my ex-stalker. Npe I panggil die Ex'?? sebab dah cukup 5 minggu minah ni tak kacau i, so dah kire record dah ni! hahaha. Dulu kite friends kat friendster and facebook, but I deleted her sebab I dah rase lain macam je pompuan ni.

Dulu, bile dia msg I je. I mesti told her "Leave me alone," Tapi lepas tu dia msg lagi, call la kadang2, tapi I tak angkat la. I text dia lagi "Leave me alone,"

Setelah 1000x I told her to leave me alone, pompuan ni cam tak reti bahase kot, I pun terkasar bahasa lah "Leave me the fu** alone!!!!" Die terkejut. She said she just wanna be my friend, "I thought u r different from the others, now I know you're just the same," I diam je cuz I know she's clueless.

I tak buat direct link from this post to her copycat be-log, tapi if you guys pandai, carilah her link at my blog lists. Same background, same fonts, she copied my initial symbols and rearranged them, same colors.

P/s : Thanks for making me the center of your world, girl. And if you rase obsessive-possessive lagi, I just nak gitau you. I don't hate you, and you can't hurt me anymore (kecewa tak??lol) and I'm 101% sure tak nak buah hati you. Don't worry. I promise. And of coz, we can be friends hunny.

Thanks again for making me the center of your world... lol.

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