Wednesday, March 24, 2010

:+:+: Hospital Indo :+:+:

Early this week, I hadda fever for 4 days,
flu-like syndrome , arthalgia (click here for more info) and horrifying tummy ache. It was on the 4th day, when I went to the toilet, I realized I was bleeding from my rectal. It was a shocking experience. First expression "Yeay!!! da period, tak yah sembahyang zohor!". Bile tengok betol2 "Oh no, ni bukan period, this is melena(click here for more info)," Second expression was "woooo," (jakun tak pernah tengok, it kinda looks like bloody, meaty and very disgusting.) I told my Bf, in 5 minutes jer, dia dah ada kat depan my house with his ride. Ready nak bawa I to the hospital. I hate hospitals, I hate doctors when I'm the patient. I hate needles and those stupid nurses yang tak faham2 I don't wanna get shot! The last time I was rushed to the hospital was when I fell down and scratched my self. It was a superficial painful 15 inches scratch. I got the scratch from my sharp rusty sink, and because of that, the doctor shot me with anti-tetanus(click here for more info), I almost faint in the hospital just at the sight of the needle. Kenapalah jarum wujud di dunia ni ha??

Anyways, back to the story, I was nausea and vertigo (click here for more info). Jalan sket langgar dindinglah, langgar teponlah... So this is how orang minum 'todi' feels like heh? I diagnosed myself with Typhoid (click here for more info)or dengue fever, belom dengue hemorrhage lagi. So rileks la, tak parah lagi, besok gi hospital pun tak pe. Watpe nak rush? I consult ngan my friend dr. Ezy, she agreed with me. But she said "But if u hemorrhage fever, shock (click here for more info) on the 5th or 6th day can be fatal, cam arwah (our dear senior),"

So, I went to the hosp. Following the normal procedure, the stupid nurse took my blood with the biggest needle I never saw (sebab I tutup mate). My bf took me makan spaghetti for lunch, an hour later. My full-blood-test dah siap. My WIDAL test was negative. Alhamdulillah. My trombo was normal but my MCH, RDW-CV, LEKOSIT, MONO were incredibly high. My doctor used to say, "Lagi kammu pandai, lagi kammu banyak ilmu, lagi kammu bodoh!" It's true actually. So I know it's not typhoid, and it's not dengue, so what is it? I guessed it's an intestinal infection. But when I showed my full-blood-test to my doctor and asked her what's wrong with me. She said "Ohhh... infeksi kat tekak je, normal sorethroat, and you saket perot sebab you gastrik biase," I rase die ingat I budak 5 tahunkot nak cakap camtu. Tapi asal die bagi I obat antibiotic broad-spectrum, I malasnak argue dah.

Thank Allah I'm getting better now, that tummy-ache still bothers me tapi cam chipsmore je. Now u c, now u don't. Sekarang tengah super pokai after buang2 duit kat hospital. Hospital Hindon mahal, dah lah kuman and virus kat indon sangat banyak. Moto Indonesia sepatutnya "Eat our food and welcome to the hospital,"


nadhirah mohd shakri said...

hunny...that's not melena i guess..
fresh blood right? dun worry u'll be okay! =)

:+:+: Ashikyn :+:+: said...

i'm ok! no it's not melena. it was a quick assumption. =)