Wednesday, March 17, 2010

:+:+: Fat :+:+:

(Admiring Gabourey Sidibe, what you are what you present to the world)

I am fat and I'm not afraid to say that.
I 'was' never skinny all my life
Sometimes I wonder how does it feels like to be one
But I'm happy with the way I look and I'm confident in front of my patients

"Believe me when I say it takes courage to be fat,"

It also takes an enormous amount of forbearance. The hatred directed at fat people is astounding nowadays. Often, it borders on dehumanizing. Hating people for being fat, whether out of malice or supposed concern for people’s health, is considered perfectly acceptable in our society.

It was never easy to be teased at everyday at my young age. I understand how it felt to be fat, ugly and alone. So the next time you feel like laughing at a fat person. STOP! Imagine what if she's your mother or your lil' sister who is weeping for help because she can't help the way she is.

Don't hate fat people, hate fat epidemic. Help all the fat people to fight against it.

(Taken from Glee! I'm a die hard fan. I'M GLEEKED!!! )

Guess what I'm doing tonight? Sleeping at 8.30p.m, woke up at 9.00p.m, ate junk foods and blogging. I'm such a lazy arse! And guess where is my bf? He's out to his routine work-out (every night from 7.30p.m - 11.oop.m). He's a gym freak!! But lately his hard work have paid off. If ONLY I can upload his 'semi naked' picture here, you'll go gaga over his body. lol. (tak malu puji bf sendirik). My boyfriend never complained about having a "fat" girl as his gf, sometimes when my self esteem is low, and I feel 'fat' and 'ugly'. I always say 'no' when he asked me out. At times I ask him, "why do you like me? I know I'm not pretty, I'm... fat. I'm not the best looking girl 'here'," He just smiled. "I told you, it was love at first sight, the first time I saw you, I knew we were meant to be,"

Dimanakah 'pertama kali' dia nampak pompuan 'temok' ini?
(Source: Nur Ashikyn's fb profile picture)
(Pardon my gedikness. It's in the blood)

To all my dearest hunnies : No matter what size you are, just be confident. There is nothing more beautiful in this world, than you... being yourself.


Zulaika Rusli said...

hot mommah..
u know what??u x gemok ponn..but u just hawt..body idaman act,sbb x skinny..
but,me too..saya ponngemok..and xpenah merasa hidup sbg seorang yg kurus..but i just like the way i ritu suddenly over limit,sampai 1family skrg berusaha nak kembali ke,im not gonna say fat-as-usual,but im gonna saya hot..hahahhaha..gilos zulaika ni..

:+:+: Ashikyn :+:+: said...

hahahha...montoq la hun! i'm fat but not obese. bile termakan banyak sket dah nampak cam doraemon. haha. luv yah zu!