Saturday, March 13, 2010

:+: Bila dia kembali :+:

Warning : Ni post semi-emo

I believe in quote "what you give, you'll get back," This is a private post, pernah tak someone you trust betrayed you? I think everybody has been in this situation. Just nak curhat kat blog ni je. A girl dengan initial RN promised me, she would never repeat what she have done in the past. But she lied, just to get what what she wants, what she desires and who she dreams of. I gave up on my dreams, everything I ever wanted and believe. She's like a sneaky back-stabber. I was weak, malas nak fight. I just gave up with a broken heart. I felt like a sucker, I believed her! RN 'ym' me last night, what more does she want?

RN : sori
me : u dpt pe u nk, xyah la ungkit pape lg
RN : ok. sori
me : 4 all the things that u've done, i hope it was worth it

Dearest RN, tonight saya malas nak layan awak, because I just realized
- I have nothing more to give
- I have nothing left to lose
- And you know, you have nothing more to take from me
- After what you're trying to pull,
- I think it's best if we just move on.

p/s : Kite same2 pompuan, Janganlah luka kan balik luka yang baruuu je nak sembuh. Peace*

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