Friday, April 3, 2009

:+: Life Line :+:

Everyday I saw my girl friend, how she got excited every time ‘he’ texts ‘her’. How ‘her’ face shines and she grins mysteriously. Pastu nak reply message sembunyi2, macam la orang lain nak bace sangat message tu. Sekali pandang lagi, she blushed like a ripe apple! her nostrils grew bigger by every second.

I called my psychiatrist… She’s the cheapest psychiatrist I know. The best also! 100% guarantee! With only Rp1800, I am able to tell her all my heart trouble. hebat tak? Yah betol… she’s my girl friend. I bet if she bukak clinic psychiatrist, may be she da boley beli a bungalow by the sea at Hawaii dah. She’ve been hearing me bragging about my imperfect life a lil bit too much. Her name is Ezy.

Ezy told me being single is not a bad thing. It’s pretty hot actually. There’s nothing to be afraid of. Loneliness doesn’t lead to sadness. I was surprised when she said that! That never crosses my mind. Loneliness leads to sadness… Isn’t it obvious? But she convinced me vice versa. And I think she was right. Don’t be afraid to be single. She told me being single; all you have to think about is yourself. Come to think about it, that’s pretty cool actually. I don’t wanna be that pathetic girl-friend that is dying for a man every second in her life, listening to soppy love songs and cry over them again and again. That is not me. May be I’ve been there, but I’m out of that valley of doom-ness. I gotta stop bragging about my life. Really I have to. Could some one... no… could you...yes you… hit me with a sledge hammer on the head so that I’ll be knocked unconscious and when I woke up I’ll be the new me. Or… ok don’t do it… takot tak bangun2 plak nanti! Can somebody… could you... yeah you! Just kiss me so long and deep that when I woke up, I’m seeing colorful butterflies circling my wings.

Tapi jap! adeke orang nak buat camtu? Mesti bongok if ade org nak buat camtu kan? ha-ha-ha! Tapi if you are offering to do that pleasure, make sure you have good oral hygiene dulu tau or I’ll die! I’m allergic to gross oral hygiene dudes!


~BluEBerRy~ said...

setuju ngan ezy 100%..hehehe
single doesn't lead to sadness..
being single make u happy actly..
juz thinking about yourself..
lalui semuanya dgn yg senang hati..

a.b geldofg said...

bagi aku ok2 je

Anonymous said...

izat berkata : tak gosok gigi sebulan baru nak ciom ko! bagi trauma baik punye kat doktor gigik!

Y E R N ain said...

sy sokong dgn k.ezy n k.nou.

single doesnt pressure u as much stress u gain from bein double.

somehow, single is more enjoyable u dont need to think of the half part of u.

plus, u hv a good-pretty-psychiatrist, which only makes profit of 1800rp. hw she able to hv a bungalow pretty soon? murah gler! hahaha.

bli pentol pn x kenyang lg.

Izyan Nadirah said...

i guess i hv no other choice than to hit u wif a sledge hammer. takkan i nak kiss u kot wpun oral hygiene i tiptop? hahaha.

nway. single rocks! =P

[missunshine] said...


meh alin chom meh..mst heppy!!


:+:+: Ashikyn :+:+: said...

to no'u ---> heheh that's true.. hehe. I kinda forgot how that felt like. ho-ho.

to a.b ---> bgus la cmtu dude..

to izat ---> huah?!

:+:+: Ashikyn :+:+: said...

to ain ---> nak buat camne? patient die ni cheapcakes! rp1800 tu pown biaya pulsa je tau.kuahahaha!

to irah --> o.m.g!!! big ouch!!!

to cik alin tomei ---> nak pensan.. cpr2!

nadhirah mohd shakri said...

i setuju ng EZY!!!
dun u ever stay ng someone yang u dont think boleh buat hubby just bcause u r afraid of being single.
and dun main accept je sape2 just bcause u xnk jd single.

single rawks act...been there!sikalang tak la.hehe

love urself~

i dh ketuk u ng hammer...tok3!!

:+:+: Ashikyn :+:+: said...

omg! tank u nad!!! syg nad!!! u put words in my mouth...yum2