Saturday, August 2, 2008

Meet DinO

I want you to meet dino! my pet dinosaur.

he’s an inch dinosaur.

cite camne I bley dapat this dinosaurs is

one day I was walking with Ted at Petrosains Klcc, tbe2 I saw Dino in an egg.

I brag him to buy one for me.

Dengan RM 10, I got a dinosaur.

biase la I mmg knk2 riang sket byk2

for those yang tak idup lagi zman dinosaur ni

meh gue cte kn how bnatang ni stat hdup sampai la die mati sendri

Dino hidup sbulan je patut la dinosaur cpat sgt extinct

isk isk

Day 1 - since Dino is a water creature, I hatch her under water.

I’m a good mother.

I taruk the bekas right beside my bed.

nurture it everyday

waiting for it to hatch

Day 3 (morning) – I heard noises

some awkward sounds

Dino was emerging out of her shell

pik! pik! pik!

that’s hi! hi! hi!

in dinosaurs language

she’s a loud one

Day 6 – kpale die da kua

comeyl sangat


Dino learned to roll

die roll2 and terantuk2 kn her kpale everywhere!

Day 8 – eventually!

she’s out!

Day 9 – Dino da out-grow her egg-shell

tengok muke bandel die

Day 12 – Dino grew and grew and grew!!

she learns to wag her tail

later day 10 – he started walking all over my room

Cheers for Dino!!!


nadhirah mohd shakri said...

PIK PIK PIK...hahaha..i wanna have one!

:+:+: Ashikyn :+:+: said...

nad i saw one kt irba! OMG! len sket la tapi konsep sme. die dlm telor and akan grow n grow...tpi sangat la hodoh dan low class..haha. x ske la bende2 ciplak nih. isk2..

Mara said...

This is great info to know.