Sunday, August 28, 2011

:+: The Holy silence :+:

There was a holy silence like a gasp waiting for a magic to cast a spell on someone. It wasn't awkward at all. The silence was brilliant. As we sat there, saying nothing, stealing glimpse of each other. Afraid to stare for too long, afraid that the moment would end and left us with regrets. The room was air-conditioned, no wind dare to blow but somehow there was a chill running down my neck and face like a trigeminal neuralgia attack but somehow pleasant.

It's him. This is him! Sitting beside me. My heart skipped a beat. Feeling pathetic and silly as I gasp for air. He sat there with his eyes locked to me. They were small, deep and gorgeous in so many mysterious ways.

As our fingers intertwined, I was trying to figure out what is this weird feeling. It feels like an unknown chemicals running past my heart in an increasing speed. He was more matured looking since last we met. I realized how his jaw developed as he metamorphosis to a man.

Shikyn =)

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