Sunday, April 17, 2011

The smiling star

smiling star? oh yeah...that's me!!

lame tak update. Dah kerja la katekan. Selama belajar dulu, tak pernah imagine kerja dentist gile2 macam ni... rase macam "menjebak" diri sendiri je.. eh ade ke kate "menjebak"? haha...

"I never imagine myself suturing people's eyelids, nose, lips and any other parts of human body almost everyday," "Running to emergency to stop bleeding and save life have been my daily routine for the past 3 months,"

I'm overwork and underpay. Okay, may be not under pay lah, tapi sebab tak dapat2 lagi gaji sampai sekarang... So I'm a bit grumpy, I will be until the end of this month!! kuikui... Nanti dapat two and a half months punyer gaji... wah2 wah2!! (i won't tell u how much) haha... Seriously, I wanna buy a blackberry asap! My bf has been so nice and understanding I tak de BB, Kesian kredit die mengalir macam waterfal... waterfall tau... bukan sungai lagi. and since most of my bff are married to their BB... i think getting one is a good idea..hehe

I know I've wrote down a lot of bullshit in my blog before, I regret writing them. I have to admit, I was stupid and heartbroken. lol. But who cares now. lol.

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