Sunday, October 17, 2010

Children's imaginations

Do you know that when I was a kid....I thought that....

1) We could clean our cats in the washer machine - As cats lover family, there's always cats hanging around the house. Inside out! I always thought that we could wash our cats in the washer machine and spin them and they'll come out PUFFF like cotton candies!

2) If we eat fruit seeds, they'll grow in our tummy at night - My dad told me to take out the watermelon seeds before I eat the fruit, he told me it's dangerous because watermelon "trees" will outgrow my little tummy. One day, I ate a seed and I didn't sleep the whole night. I was too scare to sleep.

Dad was right. Something will grow inside me, but I'm sure it's not from the 'watermelon's seed'.

3)If I wish upon a star, someday they'll come true... Disney princess did it in 'all' their movies and they always get their happy endings until one day my dad 'hempuk' me from behind."Woi! Dose besar lah!". (May all our sins were forgiven...huhu)

4)Women have TWO extra bones on top and men have ONE extra bone below. Boy, was I surprised when I learned Human Anatomy!

I'm all grown up now. To my parents , thanks for the life lessons!

xoxo NurAshikyn - just a clutz, writing about her life.


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Cat in the washing machine? Huhu brilliant idea. haha
Go Kudat!