Thursday, September 23, 2010

Chick-fight? seriously....??

I'm proud to say I've graduated from my University without a single chick fight. There's always at least one person we reeeeeeeeeally abhorred and hate in the Univ. Well there's one for me. And there's probably one for you too. Everyone gets their share. Everyone who knows me knew I easily get angry with that one particular person, but I never...i repeat NEVER scold, confront or shout at that person. I believe by not confronting that person will put some issues to rest.

FACT: Girls easily got jealous by other girls' looks and fame. But they are not aware of the situations and in denial. And one day they'll find themselves creating sick stories and gossips. It's just normal instinct to feel the warmth of glory. To win something. But actually, they've won nothing.

They've won nothing. Believe me, I've been to Hell and back. I've seen these people conquer and kill. No matter how many people believed them. They've won nothing.

say NO to girls fight like you say NO to drugs . lol

I am not embarrassed to say, "I've been so publicly accused and embarrassed in my life, and non of the things that are said or told about me are true,"
After that one person graduated, I felt like bags of burden got lifted off my shoulders. The feeling was unbelievable. Her 4 years of sick story tellings and absurd gossips were forgiven... yes u read that last sentence correct...FOUR freaking years....

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