Thursday, July 1, 2010

Leaving him on our anniversary

Oh peeps, not like those fishes, they're ridiculous!

Nope, we're not breaking up! We're taking a higher step in a relationship. The scary BIG LDR (LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIP). Sucks to leave my soul mate on our anniv, but that's how things should be. I think it's best to go with the flow.

Dulu I hate Surabaya, it's dirty, the people are friendly but freaking rude on roads. Ego seorang Malaysian ialah sentiasa rase diri dia lagi hebat dari Indonesian, hanya sebab negara kita lagi maju cetetot dari negara deorang. Ni ego yang tak sehat ye peeps, hope korunk boleh get over it. =)

I'm looking forward to go home but...

Kat Surabaya nilah tempat I met my bffs and Syaukhi terchinta. This is where I met his parents and he met mine. I know all the best hang out place in Surabaya and all the best place to eat. To say in short, I've adapted to this city. I felt wanted and loved. Going back to Malaysia starting to feels scary. I lost my 'basic' needs in Malaysia. I have no idea about updates and it freaks me out because I have no idea "sape menteri2 kite sekarang hah? dapat ke korunk name kan dengan betol sorank2? Mesti huru-hara nya,"

Leaving Syaukhi here on our anniv feels like being hit by a sledgehammer.
The day i fear has come. Oh no!

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